OG Update

Since posting my story on January 13, 2019, I have been totally honored and quite frankly overwhelmed on the amount and type of responses I’ve received. It was difficult writing my story. I was feeling exposed and not knowing sure how the response would be.

I am totally privileged and grateful for all the warm and real feedback. I’ve heard from people from my past and more from people I have never met. All has been positive and almost unbelievable! People have purchased coffee from across the United States. Sales are continuing, I know they will purchase again once they try Our Glory Coffee and the mission continues.

Through coffee sales and Outdoors For Our Heroes, other disabled vets and first responders can experience a healing through the great outdoors.

I want to thank all for your contributions and efforts. Together, we are building an army of hope and recovery.

I, as OG, would like to declare 2019 “The Year of the Coffee Bean”!

God bless and OG out!

2019: year of the coffee bean

2019: year of the coffee bean

Barney McClanahan