Name Change - Old Glory to Our Glory: Why now? 

In my excitement for starting the coffee company, I didn't do research in it's entirety. It's come to my attention there is another Olde Glory Coffee on the East Coast. 

Since I am a small business owner, I do not wish to infringe on another business in any way. This may be blessing in disguise. Everything in this venture has happened for a reason.

When I think about it, Our Glory is better suited. Our country, our flag, our community, our values, our patriotism, and OUR MISSION.

Our coffee company has progressed by the efforts of all involved. This is, and will continue to be, a group effort. Thus “Our” is actually a better representation.

Of course, in true form, my inspiration, Sam says: “The only thing old is you.” Ain’t that the truth.

Here’s to Our Glory. Continuing to extend patriotism one bag at a time.

OG out.