OG Coffee - the beginning

Wow! Welcome. I've been working on getting Old Glory (OG) Coffee LLC going for about 7 months now. We don't have product quite yet, but we're in production right now. 

First of all, I'm Barney (aka: Old Guy -- another OG), the owner of OG Coffee. Yes, Old Glory Coffee / Old Guy Coffee...it just works, why fight it. I'm a Vietnam Veteran, so I've served my country. I'm a retired police officer, so I've served my city. I'm currently a small business owner, so I've served my community. I believe in serving others. I believe in patriotism. 

Second, partnerships. Through my community, I've been connected with Outdoors For Our Heroes (OFOH). I'm taking this from their page "Outdoors For Our Heroes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports service-connected disabled veteran men and women on fully hosted quality hunts in an attempt to reconnect with nature. We want to offer our services to those that have served for our country and made so many sacrifices." -- Cool, huh? As a veteran, have been supported by OFOH and I've gone on some hunts. I've given to their organization and recently have become a board member. Crazy, huh? It's like the circle of life *wink* -- that's a reference for the whipper-snappers. I've formed friendships and bonds with guys that are like me, vets. Vets supporting vets. It's a pretty cool organization and community. 

Third, why coffee? I'll tell you why. I wanted to be able to give back in other ways. I wanted to have a product where I was supporting my patriotic roots and able to donate a percentage of the profits to an organization whose beliefs I share. The organization: OFOH. See, vets supporting vets. OG coffee: pure, simple.

Whew, that's a lot for this little space. OG out.